Norton false positive

Update (11/02/2016): According to Symantec, the issue should be fixed as of their latest definitions update!

Note, however, that this may not apply to future releases (that is, it may end up getting flagged again). If you’re experiencing this problem, I would suggest delaying downloading each update until they add the next release to their whitelist (or perhaps consider switching to a better antivirus).

I’ve received messages from a few users today telling me that Norton antivirus has started picking up the latest release of HDoujin Downloader as “Heur.AdvML.B”.

This is, of course, a false positive, and I’ve submitted it to them as such, so hopefully it will be fixed in their next definitions update. It may be helpful if those affected also do the same.

For some reason, the issue seems isolated to German users.  I would suggest adding the program and it’s directory/download directory to your exceptions list for now, though some users have reported that this is ignored and the program is flagged regardless.

One user has also reported that their downloaded files were also flagged and deleted by Norton, so be careful.

2 thoughts on “Norton false positive

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Thanks for the heads-up! I’ve submitted it to them as a false-positive. Unfortunately, their online submission form doesn’t allow you to leave any comments, so I wasn’t able to state that it doesn’t show up during regular scans (as evidenced by the VirusTotal report for Release 244). Hopefully they’re able to figure it out.

      If they don’t fix it, let me know. If they offer some way to submit it yourself through the software, it might be worthwhile doing that as well (maybe it includes detection logs that way).


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