Bookmarks manager updates

Tonight’s update (Release 186) contains some convenient changes to the bookmark manager based on user’s requests. Nothing too exciting, but they should make a lot of things easier.

Bookmark Search

It’s now possible to search your bookmarks by keyword using the search bar at the top of the bookmarks panel! It’s always been possible to find a specific manga by typing out its title while the list is focused (which a lot of people may not have known about), but now it’s possible to search more directly.

Filter by Website

There’s now a drop-down button that allows you to filter your bookmarks by website. This should be make it easier to keep track of different types of content separately (e.g., H and non-H content).

Add and Edit Bookmarks

You used to have to add a manga to the queue before adding it to your bookmarks– This still works, but now you can add bookmarks directly using the “Add new bookmark” button on the toolbar at the top of the bookmarks panel.

You can also edit existing bookmarks to change their titles and download directories (among other things).

To everyone who’s waiting on a request– Your patience is appreciated! I’m sitting on a ton of feature requests right now, and I’m trying to roll them out as quickly as possible while still making sure everything works as it should. New stuff is going to continue showing up throughout the next releases, so look forward to it!

12 thoughts on “Bookmarks manager updates

  1. Lucas

    I would like to taking advantage of this and wanna request two features for HDoujin.

    1.- Column Numbers – Since I’m much on torrents I miss alot when I open HDoujin and dont see the numbers, even if it is to count or to know the downloads that came first, I think is more personal of a necessary thing but yeah.

    2.- If Condition – Not sure if you aware but when we use things like “[%AUTHOR%]” on folders name and the gallery dont have an author (e.g exhentai cosplay galleries), sometimes HDoujin return us a framework error, sometimes go directly without error just giving an empty “[ ]” or if he were analysing links he just stop to analysis and freeze on that link, well at least that how works for me and yes I have all frameworks, currently on latest w10 build. So thats came my idea, “if condition”, something like “[%AUTHOR%ifGROUP%]”, basically “if” will act like a “if not” on tags. Even without that error I think its a good addition to the way how tags work.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      I’ve addressed your requests in Release 189.

      1.) I’ve added two new columns that you can show using right-click > “Choose Columns”. The first one, “#”, shows a number assigned to the row when the program is started. The number corresponds to the time that the manga was added (e.g., a manga with the number “1” would be the first, and so on). Note that unlike in BitTorrent, this number does not correspond to the actual queuing order; downloads are queued in the order in which they’re listed (so higher items are downloaded first regardless of the number they’ve been assigned).

      The second new column, “Row #”, simply displays the row number. So if all you care about is seeing that your rows are numbered, this should satisfy your fetish.

      2.) That shouldn’t result in an error or a blank value (assuming you’re using it to name folders), so next time that happens, please send me the link in question along with your configuration file (config.ini) and/or your folder formatting string. Also, check your log folder to see if there are any “Unhandled exception” logs, and please send them as well if they exist. The intended result is that if, for example, “%AUTHOR%” is blank, it is replaced with “Unknown Artist”. I wasn’t able to reproduce any errors in the latest release personally, so if you know if an exact sequence of steps to reproduce it, let me know.

      In any event– “If” tokens actually already exist, and I expanded on their functionality in relation to your request in Release 189. They can now be used to check for equality (%IF(a=b,true,false)%), inequality (%IF(a!=b,true,false)%), and null values (%IF(a,true,false)%). Note that if you’re checking for null values, some values will never be null, like %ARTIST% and %AUTHOR%, which are replaced with “Unknown Artist” and “Unknown Author” respectively. With that in mind, you could probably achieve what you’re going for by using:

      %IF(%AUTHOR%=Unknown Author,%GROUP%,%AUTHOR%)%

      If %AUTHOR% is “Unknown Author”, the %GROUP% token will be used; otherwise, the %AUTHOR% token will be used. “If” tokens CANNOT be nested, so keep that in mind.

      I intend to expand on this in the future, as well as adding support for arbitrary combinations of “or” tags (e.g., %ARTIST||AUTHOR||GROUP%). If you have anymore questions, ask away!

      1. Lucas

        Thanks man, I really appreciate your hard work to realize others fetish ♥. About the second item, good to know this is already implemented, I was not aware of this because my version was stuck on 13x and didn’t had time to read all updates yet, maybe that version was the problem. I’ll try to replicate the problem later, I don’t remember exactly the link who I used but I’ll keep you in touch.

  2. tiham93

    I think it may be due to the update, since I waited for my downloads to finish before I updated the downloader. I didn’t try to download anything for about 2 (maybe) hours after that. Now it seems I can’t connect to Batoto and Kissmanga.

    “Check for new chapters” and “Add from URL” don’t work (or they just take forever, I’m still waiting). When I right-click a manga from those sites on my download list and choose “Choose Chapters”, Batoto takes like 5 minutes before showing me the chapter list, and Kissmanga takes forever. I can still access these sites normally through my browser so it’s definitely not a region lock or anything.

    I don’t know if other sites have this problem. Some like Mangago, Mangapark and Mangafox seem to be working just fine.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Someone else reported issues with, which were verified and fixed in Release 187 (the current release is now at 189). The parsing code for the site was outdated, which caused it to get stuck when trying to parse the chapters list.

      As for Kissmanga, I wasn’t able to verify the problem (it seemed to be working fine), but it’s worth checking if it’s already fixed after updating. What does come to mind is that there will be a 5-second delay on the first connection to the site due to Cloudflare’s spam filter, but after that it should be fine. If the issue persists even after updating, please let me know.

      1. tiham93

        Thanks for the quick update, the problem disappeared after 187. I have no idea why Kissmanga is now working while it didn’t before. And yes I did notice the 5s delay while checking the 1st title on Kissmanga. Release 186 would just be stuck there indefinitely.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Thank you! ♥ I’m sorry your request involving Hentai2Read hasn’t been added yet, but I’ll get to it as soon as possible.

      Update (12/22/2016): Adding tag results from Hentai2Read is now working again as of the latest release!


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