Status Update (March 4th, 2017)

As usual, a good amount of time has passed since the last post.

People often ask what the plans are in terms of adding new features and when they should expect to see this or that. For that reason, I’m going to try to start writing periodic status updates to keep everyone informed about the development of HDoujin.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve gotten tons of new feature requests, and a few bug reports. First of all, I love the feedback, so please keep it coming! I want HDoujin to be the best it can be, and every suggestion counts towards that, however niche!

Secondly, with the large number of requests, I’ve got a lot to take care of. For the past while I’ve been focusing on bug reports over adding new features, since I’ve been a lot busier than usual (it’s always good to make sure existing features are working well before trying to add new ones). For this weekend, I intend to set some time aside to start processing all of the messages I’ve received. If you haven’t gotten a response yet, please hang in there.

Because of the volume of requests, I’m thinking of adding a public issue/feature tracking system where users can vote for what features they’d like to prioritize, or something along those lines (discussion/Q+A forum?). It would also make it easier for users with the same problems/ideas to communicate.

In any case, I appreciate everyone’s patience! Some people have feature requests they have been waiting a while for, but you have not been forgotten– I’m doing my best to address everyone’s needs.

3 thoughts on “Status Update (March 4th, 2017)

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  2. Rin

    I like the idea of a online issue/feature tracking system. I’m sure it would help you keep track of all the issues etc and hopefully cut down on the amount of emails you get. There’s a few free online ones but who knows if they are any good.

    Even a simple forum could work, with a sub-forum for bugs, suggestions etc, although I imagine it could get quite messy and hard to keep track of.

    Thanks for keeping us ll informed 🙂
    Here’s to another year of HDoujin Downloader! 😛

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      I appreciate your feedback! Honestly, it really can’t get messier than trying to keep everything organized in my email inbox.

      You may have noticed already, but I went through with this idea, and a forum is now available! Now the tricky part is just getting people to use it.


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