Release 247 false positives

Release 247 was uploaded today! You can check out the changelog here.

In addition to adding support for a few new sites and improving/fixing support for others, there have been some heavy changes “under the hood”, specifically involving how the download filter works. On that note, a few annoyances should be solved, and it will work progressively more smoothly in coming updates. If you have any problems with it in this release, let me know.

The updater has been updated as well, and it will now display more information when downloading updates.

However, because of these changes, the signatures of HDoujin and its updater have changed enough to break the white-listing by various antivirus vendors (VirusTotal report here). This has been solved for the most part, but there are still two who have yet to clear it (Baidu, and TrendMicro). If you use either of these programs and find HDoujin has been flagged, don’t worry! it’s a false-positive, and it should be cleared soon.

4 thoughts on “Release 247 false positives

  1. taishou

    will update remove all old task list and history? should i click update or download new one?
    have you consider add keyboard shortcut key yet?
    thankyou in advan

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Updating will preserve all of your old settings, history, and download queue items. If you’re worried, you can copy your current HDoujin folder to a different location before updating in case anything goes awry.

      What sort of keyboard shortcuts do you want added? Or do you mean customizable keyboard shortcuts?

        1. DoujinDownloader Post author

          Thanks for the suggestion; I totally agree that hotkeys for these functions would be useful. Adding customizable hotkeys is on my to-do list, and I’ll make sure it’s possible to assign them to these actions.

          One thing I’m thinking about doing soon is adding an option to make it so the toolstrip buttons only affect selected items. Since there are key bindings for these functions already, it should do the trick until fully-customizable hotkey support is added.


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