Release 310 and the future ahead

  • The updater has been updated

Firstly, this update contains an update to the updater (that’s a mouthful). The update is meant to address an issue some users reported where the update would “finish” partway through and then leave them with a corrupt executable.

The bad news is the updater (“updater.exe”) frequently gets flagged by antivirus software every time I make changes to it, and this time is likely not going to be any exception. If your antivirus software is complaining about the updater, let me know so I can submit a false-positive report.

If you end up having problems and need to downgrade for the time being, Release 309 continues to be accessible here.

  • Other things have been updated

As usual, you can check out the changelog to see what’s been done. One of the biggest fixes is related to Cloudflare, which rendered quite a few sites not-working when they updated their browser verification challenge. This release includes a fix for that, and some other Cloudflare-related bugs I came across in the process. It should hopefully be working great for everyone, but if you have any problems, you know the drill: Let me know!

Other than that, there are some fixes for a few sites a lot of users contacted me about, and some other changes that aren’t user-facing (a good deal of refactoring, which this code base has desperately needed).

  • Hey! What about my request?

I hear you! Some people have been waiting quite some time to have their requests added to the program, and I get more every day. As many users have probably noticed, I’ve fallen behind with managing to reply to everyone in a timely manner due to some personal circumstances. Rest assured that if you’ve left me a comment, or sent an email I’ve seen it, and I’m wading through them. That said, if you feel like you’ve been waiting for too long, don’t hesitate to check in or send a reminder. I welcome it.

All things considered, this is a relatively minor update. The plan is to kick it into overdrive, get through all the requests, and pump these out on a weekly basis, starting today. Look forward to it!

2 thoughts on “Release 310 and the future ahead

  1. Leon

    No detection by Windows Security on release 310, but the 311 hotfix was flagged ([updater.exe] flagged as [Trojan: Zpevdo.B]).

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Thanks for letting me know! That’s weird, considering I didn’t make any changes to the updater with this release. I guess it took them a little while to take issue with it.

      I’ve submitted a false positive report, so they should whitelist it soon.


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