What a headache (update issues)

As anticipated in the previous release post, the update to the updater (“updater.exe”) caused the new version to get incorrectly flagged by several antivirus vendors. It’s since been white-listed by all major antivirus vendors, as can be verified by the VirusTotal report. Unfortunately it’s still flagged by several heuristic engines, but there’s little I can do about that.

Of course, the updater is clean– Its behavior just tends to upset heuristic engines (“hey, this can download files!”). As a small-time software developer, this is unfortunately something I have to deal with on the regular, and I thank all of you users of HDoujin Downloader for your understanding!

Unfortunately, Google Drive and Dropbox have temporarily disabled the download links (I’m still waiting for a response from support to get them enabled again). As a result, the updater won’t work properly for the time being, but I expect it to be working normally again within the next couple of days (this is not the first time this has happened).

In the meantime, those that still need to update will need to do so manually (detailed instructions are here). Until this issue is sorted out, the latest release can be downloaded from Mega:

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