Version (Release 3)

As promised, here’s this week’s update. It is primarily a maintenance release, with updates for a bunch of sites, and support for some new ones that have been recently requested.

You might see an error message from the updater after it downloads this update. I noticed a bug in the new updater that slipped through during Release 1 that will cause the message to be shown at the end of the update process, even if nothing actually goes wrong. It can be ignored without a problem, and the updater has been fixed so that it won’t show up next time.

9 thoughts on “Version (Release 3)

  1. Ancalagon451

    I’m in release 4 and exhentai it’s still not working, e-hentai works OK.

    Issue is the same as before, result search don’t appear in the download page.


  2. Charles

    I couldn’t seem to update through the program updater. It kept saying “The updater must be run through Hdoujin Downloader”. Even after clicking on Help > Check for Updates > Download new version
    Downloading the program files through the github link and extracting the files worked fine.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      That message is no longer present in the newest version of the updater. While older versions of HDoujin Downloader can work with the new updater, it doesn’t go other way– That is, you can’t use the old updater with newer versions of HDoujin Downloader, which I think is what’s happening here.

      If you update manually using the download links from the homepage (as you’ve done), the updater should be replaced and work properly from thereon out.

  3. Tram

    Pls fix, i can’t download all chapter in one manga and add tohomh123,soudongman,
    ,pls, i need manhua, not need H+

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Phew, this is a lot! You can expect to be working with the next update, but I need some more time for the rest.

      Feel free to harass me if I forget!


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