Version 2020.8.1.1

This update contains some significant changes, and I recommend creating a backup of your HDoujin Downloader folder before updating, just in case. If you have any problems, let me know, and you can always downgrade to an earlier release here.

From this release onward, I’m switching to a CalVer versioning scheme (YYYY.MM.DD.Build). Given the nature of HDoujin Downloader as software that requires frequent updates, I think the release date is more valuable information than an arbitrary version number.

This update addresses various site issues, as well as problems related to Cloudflare’s “I’m Under Attack” mode. I’ll be releasing more module updates throughout the day, but I wanted to make this update available first, since it also fixes problems with module synchronization.

Site updates

Some of the more popular sites have been fixed with this release, and more will be fixed throughout the day. The Cloudflare challenge bypass procedure has been updated, and now uses either Firefox or Google Chrome to solve the challenge (depending on what you have installed). The “cf-tool.exe” binary has already been updated (now called “cloudscraper.exe” for clarity) and can optionally be enabled instead under “Tools > Preferences”, but it will fail for some users.

If you’re finding the challenge isn’t being solved, review your Cloudflare settings and try unchecking the “Headless” setting. This will allow you to solve a captcha to bypass the challenge if necessary. I aiming am to make this scenario less likely to occur with future updates.

Reorganized options

“Options” has been moved from “File > Options” to “Tools > Preferences”. Likewise, “Site Options” has been moved to “Tools > Site Preferences”.

Preferences are now organized into nested sections and are fully searchable.

Formatting string improvements

This release contains more formatting string improvements based on feedback I received from the last update. There are four new tokens: %GID%, which corresponds to the gallery ID in any context, as well as %PUBLISHER%, %CONVENTION%, and %MAGAZINE%. These are not yet implemented for all sites, so let me know if you come across an instance where they are not working as expected.

Previously, numeric values could be padded with 0s using specific tokens such as %PAGE1%, %PAGE10%, %PAGE100%, %PAGE1000%, etc. This has now been generalized so that you can apply an arbitrary amount of padding to any numeric value. This is achieved by adding an argument to the token. For example, %PAGE100% is equivalent to %PAGE(000)%. The number of 0s corresponds to the total length of the padded string.

You can find a new, detailed formatting string guide here.


I wanted to add support for themes with this release, and basic theme support is there. You can now style most parts of the interface using CSS. I have not included any themes by default at the moment, because this feature is currently in its infancy and there are some visual bugs here and there. However, you’re welcome to experiment with it and I can provide an example style sheet upon request.

You can view the full changelog here. The next goal is to upload some more module updates, and then start working on improving metadata-related features as well as working on more feature requests.

If you have any problems with this release, let me know, and you can always downgrade by downloading an older version from the releases page.


7 thoughts on “Version 2020.8.1.1

  1. hitomi

    18:47:55 download [!] An error occurred while downloading System.Net.WebException: 원격 서버에서 (403) 사용할 수 없음 오류를 반환했습니다.
    위치: System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile(Uri address, String fileName)
    위치: ‏‌‌‌‫‭‭‏‍‌‏‫​‍‏‫‮​​‍‏‌‪‮.‭‪‪‌‭‮‫​‎‪​‪​‫‏‭‪‭‫‪‍‏‏‪‫‮(‌‎‬‏‪‌‪‭‭‮‎‭‮‫‭‎‭‎‭‪‬‫‪‮ , String , ​‫‬‫‬‎‌‭‬‫‌‭​‫‮‫‭‍‏‭‬​‍‭​‪‮ )

  2. lacius96

    Hi, I have a problem downloading, it’s not creating directory and page count is 0
    on release r10 I have no problem

    for example, these are error on my part:

    and the log is:
    07:34:15 page grabber[x] System.IO.PathTooLongException: The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.
    at ‎‭​‍‮‌‏‎‪‍‭‏‌‎‬​‮‮‭‮‍‏​‬‮.‬‪‍‏‏‍‏‮‬‎‬‍‫‏‍‎‏‍‪‮(IEnumerable`1 , ​‮‭‫‎‎‮‫‫‍‏​‭‏‌‌‍‫‮‬‫‎‬‎‮ , ‍‭‭‭‪‫‏‪‍‬‭‬‎‫​‫​​‫‪‭‫‌‏​‪‮ )
    at ‭‮‬‍‬‪‏‌‪‮‭‭‪‫‪‫‏‮‭‭‏‫‏‎‪‮.‪‭​‍‪‎‌‭‎‫‫‍‫‭‪‪‮‌‭‎​‫‪‎‎‮‮‌‮(String& )

    I checked the manga tilte & chapter title is not that long, it will only be like
    D:\Manga\Touko-san wa Kaji ga Dekinai\Chapter 6.2\01.png
    D:\Manga\Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka\Chapter 10 Chino in a Strange City\01.png

    hope you fix this, thx!

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Wow, thanks for pointing that out! I was able to reproduce the problem, and found the cause. I’m uploading a fix as we speak– It should be working with version 2020.8.5.0.

      1. lacius96

        thanks! do you know what this means? it’s also not creating folder and 0 count but for different reason

        11:04:48 http [x] Exception was thrown when accessing System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (451) Unavailable For Legal Reasons.
        at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
        at ‏‬‮‎‎‪‌‬‌‪‪‬‍‭‭​‎‏​‍‌​‏‏‮.‍‭‭‌‌‏‬‪‫‎‌‫‮‫‌‬‭‌‌‫‫‮‮(String , CookieContainer , String[] , String , ‮‌‏‍‮‏‫‬‫​‬​‍‍‮‍‮‪‎‏‭‫‌‍‫‫‮ , String[] )
        11:04:48 page grabber[x] System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
        Parameter name: source
        at ‎‭​‍‮‌‏‎‪‍‭‏‌‎‬​‮‮‭‮‍‏​‬‮.‬‪‍‏‏‍‏‮‬‎‬‍‫‏‍‎‏‍‪‮(IEnumerable`1 , ​‮‭‫‎‎‮‫‫‍‏​‭‏‌‌‍‫‮‬‫‎‬‎‮ , ‍‭‭‭‪‫‏‪‍‬‭‬‎‫​‫​​‫‪‭‫‌‏​‪‮ )
        at ‭‮‬‍‬‪‏‌‪‮‭‭‪‫‪‫‏‮‭‭‏‫‏‎‪‮.‪‭​‍‪‎‌‭‎‫‫‍‫‭‪‪‮‌‭‎​‫‪‎‎‮‮‌‮(String& )

        1. DoujinDownloader Post author

          My understanding is there’s some manga on the site you need to specifically request access to, and access is granted to your account. If you’re able to see the chapters in your web browser while logged in, try providing login details under “Settings > Logins”. It should hopefully be able to get the chapters then.

          1. lacius96

            I thought I already put that login info but turns out it’s for not .org
            that work like a charm, thanks!

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