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Developer of HDoujin Downloader.

Release 274 false positives (“Win32/Fuerboos.A!cl”)

As is tradition, Release 274 is being flagged by Windows Defender as “Win32/Fuerboos.A!cl”. This is a generic heuristic detection, which means it’s being flagged because it “looks like” something that could potentially be malicious. This is of course a false-positive, and it will hopefully be cleared soon in one of the next definition updates. I’ve already submitted a report to Microsoft, so all we can do now is play the waiting game.

In the meantime, if you’re having trouble running the program, you can add HDoujin Downloader’s folder to your exclusions list. You can find instructions explaining how to do this here. If you had better luck with Release 273 and want to downgrade until Release 274 is whitelisted, you can also download the previous release here.

Since this happens every couple of releases and I’m always flooded with messages asking about it, I’ve made a FAQ page you can also check out with more information about why this happens and how to fix it.

Busy busy busy

Hello everyone! As some of you are already aware, November has been an especially busy month for me, and early December will follow the same trend.

I have not been able to respond to messages as quickly as usual, but I still read them regularly (so if anything urgent comes up, I can offer a quick fix). If you have been waiting a while for a response, hold out for a little bit longer and I’ll definitely get back to you. Don’t forget you can always use the support forum if you have a question; there are kind users there that know what they’re doing!

On that note, things will start getting back up to speed in about two weeks. You can of course still expect regular site updates (usually each weekend at the latest), but new feature requests are going to be on the back burner for a bit.

This is definitely a stressful time of year; the approaching holiday season is more than welcome. I hope you all get to spend some quality time with your waifus. ♥

Release 261 false positives

With the recent release of Release 261, Avast has started flagging HDoujin Downloader as malicious. This happens every once in a while when the program changes enough that it’s no longer picked up by the whitelist (this is a recurring problem with Avast in particular).

The last update has been submitted for whitelisting. As the developer, I can confirm that this is a false-positive, but if you’d rather wait until it’s cleared, usually they whitelist it within 3 days. Otherwise, you may add the program folder to your exceptions list to prevent it from being deleted.

Overenthusiastic “anti-virus” scanners are the bane of small-time developers.

Update: It has now been whitelisted in Avast’s latest definition update!

September Status Update

I think it’s time for another status update!

Release 259 was uploaded today, a relatively small update containing a few site fixes and some improvements to the basic information editor. As you may have noticed, most recent updates have been of that nature (site updates, new sites, etc.). For the next while, I intend to start giving some of the new feature requests that have been piling up some much-needed attention. They’re starting to look really lonely.

If you’ve sent in a request or a bug report that hasn’t received a response yet, fear not– I read each and every message, and even if you didn’t get an immediate response, your feedback has been heard. Sometimes I postpone responding until I can give the issue the attention it deserves, as some issues/requests are more involved than others. I’m going to catch up on responding to all of them very soon. Additionally, I’ve been a bit under the weather throughout the past few weeks, but I’m toughing through it. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Expect to see several new updates rolled out over the next few days!

Release 247 false positives

Release 247 was uploaded today! You can check out the changelog here.

In addition to adding support for a few new sites and improving/fixing support for others, there have been some heavy changes “under the hood”, specifically involving how the download filter works. On that note, a few annoyances should be solved, and it will work progressively more smoothly in coming updates. If you have any problems with it in this release, let me know.

The updater has been updated as well, and it will now display more information when downloading updates.

However, because of these changes, the signatures of HDoujin and its updater have changed enough to break the white-listing by various antivirus vendors (VirusTotal report here). This has been solved for the most part, but there are still two who have yet to clear it (Baidu, and TrendMicro). If you use either of these programs and find HDoujin has been flagged, don’t worry! it’s a false-positive, and it should be cleared soon.

Status Update + Introducing the Support Forum!

This week I’ve managed to take care of quite a few bug reports and minor feature requests, and I’m pretty happy about that. It’s been slow lately, but things are getting back up to speed. I hope to carry on with this momentum. Tomorrow I’m going to focus on replying to all the emails I haven’t gotten to yet.

If you’ve been having trouble with lately, I recommend updating to Release 220. I rewrote the code for handling Batoto downloads so it should now be twice as fast and far more reliable. Some users have been experiencing issues with the default image server that Batoto uses– If you’re one of these people, try selecting a different image server under “Settings > Downloads > Site-Specific Settings >”, and it could help.

Speaking of help, at the beginning of the week I mentioned thinking about adding some sort of public issue tracker. I’ve decided to do that in the form of a discussion form, which is now available at:

Please check it out! There’s not much to see right now, but I hope for it to grow into something like living help documentation.

The goal is to get people asking questions over there instead of through comments here. That way it acts as an easy-to-navigate, searchable archive of all of the questions people have asked, which makes it easier for people to find the answers the need, while also making things easier for me, since I don’t have to keep answering similar questions all the time. It will be checked just as often as the comments left over here.

There’s a “How-to Guides” section, which I’ll populate over time with detailed guides explaining how to accomplish various things things with HDoujin. There are a lot of features that really aren’t well-documented, so not many people (aside from those that requested them) know about them– I hope to change that.

Improvements will continue to be rolled out throughout the week!

Status Update (March 4th, 2017)

As usual, a good amount of time has passed since the last post.

People often ask what the plans are in terms of adding new features and when they should expect to see this or that. For that reason, I’m going to try to start writing periodic status updates to keep everyone informed about the development of HDoujin.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve gotten tons of new feature requests, and a few bug reports. First of all, I love the feedback, so please keep it coming! I want HDoujin to be the best it can be, and every suggestion counts towards that, however niche!

Secondly, with the large number of requests, I’ve got a lot to take care of. For the past while I’ve been focusing on bug reports over adding new features, since I’ve been a lot busier than usual (it’s always good to make sure existing features are working well before trying to add new ones). For this weekend, I intend to set some time aside to start processing all of the messages I’ve received. If you haven’t gotten a response yet, please hang in there.

Because of the volume of requests, I’m thinking of adding a public issue/feature tracking system where users can vote for what features they’d like to prioritize, or something along those lines (discussion/Q+A forum?). It would also make it easier for users with the same problems/ideas to communicate.

In any case, I appreciate everyone’s patience! Some people have feature requests they have been waiting a while for, but you have not been forgotten– I’m doing my best to address everyone’s needs.

Bookmarks manager updates

Tonight’s update (Release 186) contains some convenient changes to the bookmark manager based on user’s requests. Nothing too exciting, but they should make a lot of things easier.

Bookmark Search

It’s now possible to search your bookmarks by keyword using the search bar at the top of the bookmarks panel! It’s always been possible to find a specific manga by typing out its title while the list is focused (which a lot of people may not have known about), but now it’s possible to search more directly.

Filter by Website

There’s now a drop-down button that allows you to filter your bookmarks by website. This should be make it easier to keep track of different types of content separately (e.g., H and non-H content).

Add and Edit Bookmarks

You used to have to add a manga to the queue before adding it to your bookmarks– This still works, but now you can add bookmarks directly using the “Add new bookmark” button on the toolbar at the top of the bookmarks panel.

You can also edit existing bookmarks to change their titles and download directories (among other things).

To everyone who’s waiting on a request– Your patience is appreciated! I’m sitting on a ton of feature requests right now, and I’m trying to roll them out as quickly as possible while still making sure everything works as it should. New stuff is going to continue showing up throughout the next releases, so look forward to it!

Norton false positive

Update (11/02/2016): According to Symantec, the issue should be fixed as of their latest definitions update!

Note, however, that this may not apply to future releases (that is, it may end up getting flagged again). If you’re experiencing this problem, I would suggest delaying downloading each update until they add the next release to their whitelist (or perhaps consider switching to a better antivirus).

I’ve received messages from a few users today telling me that Norton antivirus has started picking up the latest release of HDoujin Downloader as “Heur.AdvML.B”.

This is, of course, a false positive, and I’ve submitted it to them as such, so hopefully it will be fixed in their next definitions update. It may be helpful if those affected also do the same.

For some reason, the issue seems isolated to German users.  I would suggest adding the program and it’s directory/download directory to your exceptions list for now, though some users have reported that this is ignored and the program is flagged regardless.

One user has also reported that their downloaded files were also flagged and deleted by Norton, so be careful.

Updates resuming next week

Hey guys.

I’ve received a few bug reports and requests over the past little while, and rest assured that every message will be addressed! I’m unable to work on updates for the next couple of days, but regular updates will resume normally starting at the beginning of next week. To everyone who has sent in a request: thank you for your patience; you won’t need to wait much longer.

For the time being, feel free to continue providing your feedback!

Update: If you haven’t noticed already, updates have been resumed!