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September Status Update

I think it’s time for another status update!

Release 259 was uploaded today, a relatively small update containing a few site fixes and some improvements to the basic information editor. As you may have noticed, most recent updates have been of that nature (site updates, new sites, etc.). For the next while, I intend to start giving some of the new feature requests that have been piling up some much-needed attention. They’re starting to look really lonely.

If you’ve sent in a request or a bug report that hasn’t received a response yet, fear not– I read each and every message, and even if you didn’t get an immediate response, your feedback has been heard. Sometimes I postpone responding until I can give the issue the attention it deserves, as some issues/requests are more involved than others. I’m going to catch up on responding to all of them very soon. Additionally, I’ve been a bit under the weather throughout the past few weeks, but I’m toughing through it. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Expect to see several new updates rolled out over the next few days!