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HDoujin Downloader is a doujin/manga download manager that supports hundreds of different websites. Just input doujin/manga URLs from your favorite website and they will be added to the queue!


  • Can run as a standalone executable (portable, no installation)
  • Can retrieve and save any information about a doujin/manga (author/artist/description information by default)
  • Track chapters and get notified when new chapters are posted
  • Parallel downloads, import/export download queues, download from URL list
  • Automatically convert downloaded doujins/manga to .ZIP/.CBZ/.RAR/.CBR/.PDF
  • Clipboard Monitor feature watches the clipboard for doujin/manga URLs and adds them to the download queue automatically
  • Supports the use of proxies
  • Multiple, customizable UI languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, +More)
  • Tag-based organization features, powerful folder/page naming system
  • Free to use (free version has download limit)




Download from GitHub:
Download from GitHub
Download from Mega:
Download from Mega
If you only want the bare-bones executable without Lua module support, you can download it here.

If you run into any problems, get in touch or leave a comment. You can also leave a post in the Q&A forum to get help from other users. All feedback is welcome! Please include example URLs where applicable.

3,402 thoughts on “Get HDoujin Downloader

  1. TheDoom_75

    Hi. I have a problem with the cloudflare. I am currently trying to download a manga from the Tumangaonline page ( I put any manga from this page in the program and a message appears that I cannot download due to Cloudflare. Any solution?

  2. Karairu

    Somehow can’t download anything from Nhentai (Progress bar loads up but somehow the downloaded size always 0), or is it just me, idk

  3. SpeedKO

    There may be some problem with the login on E/Exhentai , it always tell me to verify account information under settings -> logins . I have tested my account several time on the fourm itself. It’s normal

  4. elsw

    Hi, I would like to know a way to uninstall the program since I do not see the program itself

  5. Anon

    when update 312 hits, will we be able to update through hdoujin directly or will the download files button still be disabled? google thinks the file is a virus and doesn’t download it so i haven’t updated hdoujin yet.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      It’s likely greyed-out because you’re using the executable-only version of the program that doesn’t include the updater. If you use one of the primary download links on the homepage (hosted on Dropbox and Mega at the moment) and extract the ZIP archive, it will be included. As long as you have the updater, yes, you will be able to update directly through HDoujin Downloader.

      As you might already be aware, it got incorrectly flagged due to the recent updates to the updater as described here. At this point it has now been whitelisted by all major antivirus vendors, so the Google Drive link will be available again shortly when I reupload it (i.e. upload the next update).

  6. Rick

    Can you also add images from Reddit? There is a bunch of pictures I could download such as from r/awwnime, r/anime/ r/animewallpaper, etc.

    1. Hullu

      tnx for the fast fix !!!, do you have patreon or any other site that 1 can support you from??

      1. DoujinDownloader Post author

        Haha, to be honest, I haven’t released an update to address this yet. Some users did let me know that they’re experiencing DDoS attacks again, though. It’s possible that they turned off their protection for a bit, but I’ve gotten more reports that they’ve turned it back on again.

  7. Nope!

    Updater gets flagged and automagically deleted entirely by Adaware Antivirus. False positives are fun.

    And the download link from Google Drive is down and says it was a ToS violation.

    Sorry, dude.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve submitted false-positive reports to several antivirus vendors, and all of them have now white-listed the files, include Ad-Aware (according to VirusTotal). You shouldn’t have any more problems from hereon out.

      As for the download link getting removed, thanks for telling me! It’s always a headache dealing with false-positives, and sometimes it ends up getting the files flagged. It should hopefully be resolved soon.


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