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HDoujin Downloader is a doujin/manga download manager that supports hundreds of different websites. Just input doujin/manga URLs from your favorite website and they will be added to the queue!


  • Can run as a standalone executable (portable, no installation)
  • Can retrieve and save any information about a doujin/manga (author/artist/description information by default)
  • Track chapters and get notified when new chapters are posted
  • Parallel downloads, import/export download queues, download from URL list
  • Automatically convert downloaded doujins/manga to .ZIP/.CBZ/.RAR/.CBR/.PDF
  • Clipboard Monitor feature watches the clipboard for doujin/manga URLs and adds them to the download queue automatically
  • Supports the use of proxies
  • Multiple, customizable UI languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, +More)
  • Tag-based organization features, powerful folder/page naming system
  • Free to use (free version has download limit)




Download from GitHub:
Download from GitHub
Download from Mega:
Download from Mega
If you only want the bare-bones executable without Lua module support, you can download it here.

If you run into any problems, get in touch or leave a comment. You can also leave a post in the Q&A forum to get help from other users. All feedback is welcome! Please include example URLs where applicable.

3,433 thoughts on “Get HDoujin Downloader

  1. anon

    please add support for mangaseinen~ also, hdoujin can’t dl any pages from timelessleaf but the chapters appear. it progresses through the chapters while not downloading anything at all.

  2. Angel

    Language selection: Is there a way to have it only download chapters in a specific language? Whenever I’m on sites with multiple languages it grabs every chapter instead of just English like I’d like. I’ve tried the sites settings to only show English ( but the downloader grabs everything. And while yes I can unselect those chapters that is tedious with something with tons of chapters and remembering each time which ones are like that.

  3. V.D

    Hello, can somebody help me. I tried to download all arts from a pixiv artist and i have written proper account as intrustions. But they keep announce “logging to failed. Login account information correct at setting->logins”. Please help me solve this

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Login support for Pixiv is a bit wonky at the moment. I’m working on bringing the support module back up to date, so it should be working properly again in one of the next updates.

      1. DarkRed18

        the problem was fixed only the address where the downloads were going to be saved I was wrong I just had to change it and now, I just asked the same ones to download with the same name I can put them apart for example if they are images of the same folder name they will send in that one and those who are animated will go there but only those with the same name

        1. DoujinDownloader Post author

          I’m glad you figured it out! As for the rest of that, I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking about… Is there any way you could rephrase the question?

  4. anon

    henlo~ hdoujin isn’t working for, the mangas appear on the list but it doesn’t download the pages


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