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HDoujin Downloader is a doujin/manga download manager that supports hundreds of different websites. Just input doujin/manga URLs from your favorite website and they will be added to the queue!


  • Can run as a standalone executable (portable, no installation)
  • Can retrieve and save any information about a doujin/manga (author/artist/description information by default)
  • Track chapters and get notified when new chapters are posted
  • Parallel downloads, import/export download queues, download from URL list
  • Automatically convert downloaded doujins/manga to .ZIP/.CBZ/.RAR/.CBR/.PDF
  • Clipboard Monitor feature watches the clipboard for doujin/manga URLs and adds them to the download queue automatically
  • Supports the use of proxies
  • Multiple, customizable UI languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, +More)
  • Tag-based organization features, powerful folder/page naming system
  • Free to use (free version has download limit)




Download from GitHub:
Download from GitHub
Download from Mega:
Download from Mega

If you’re not sure how to get started, check out the Getting Started guide here.

If you run into any problems, get in touch or leave a comment. You can also leave a post in the Q&A forum to get help from other users. All feedback is welcome! Please include example URLs where applicable.

4,010 thoughts on “Get HDoujin Downloader

  1. B Cameron Johnson

    On your next major update could you please add a function for timed exports. I have a an issue where a computer crash (or sudden power failure) causes the application to reset to factory. I find it tedious to re-activate my product and then re-import from last save. (also a hassle when I only did a back back-up 2 months ago).

  2. Alex

    It seems there is a bug for nhentai. The info file for meta data is empty. There is only data for title (number – btw is there any way to get the doujin title instead of the number?) and url.

  3. MangaAddict

    I’m a bit disappointed that my requests and issues are being overlooked and ignored. If the problem can’t be rectified, at least some form of acknowledgment would have been appreciated. I purchased a lifetime license years ago and this is the first time I’ve been disappointed……I’m sure this will be ignored as well….

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Ahh, sorry! Don’t worry, I read your comment about Toonily. Didn’t mean to leave you hanging; a lot of the time I don’t reply until I’ve actually had a chance to look at the problem and give it a proper evaluation, and this week has been fairly busy. Don’t be afraid to spam my inbox if you feel like it’s been too long!

  4. Anonymous

    Hello, needs a fix, In the past I would be able to download a comic with all of the chapters with a single url but now i need to download the chapters manually which is a pain if the comic has hundreds of chapters,

    For example. When a comic has 10 chapters a single url like at the comic detail is enough to download all the chapters inside but now it doesn’t work.

    Now i need to do it manually like

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Thank you for the detailed report! I was able to reproduce the problem, and it should be resolved the next time you restart HDoujin Downloader.

      Let me know if you have any further problems!

  5. thatamazonguy

    Hi dude just want to drop by and let you know there’s currently a problem downloading from nh*ntai, I’m on the latest version (2021.12.13.1) and pretty sure the problem isn’t on my end cuz I’m using vpn atm and it’s working just right up till two days ago. I can provide you a log but maybe 12h from the moment I’m posting this comment cuz of 10h job :’)

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Thanks for the heads up, dude!

      It seems to be working fine from my end. Send me a log file when you get the change, and we’ll get to the bottom of this.

  6. FallenGuardian


    Would it be possible to add (With the option to login, so paid chapters can get downloaded)

    Also it seems like Tappytoon is not working, I guess this is because the website changed.

    Is there also a way to login on Tappytoon? Tried to find it in the settings but I’m not seeing anything.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      For sure, has now been added, and should be working the next time you restart HDoujin Downloader. I added login support, but I can guarantee it works for paid content because I don’t have access to any. Let me know how it goes for you, and we can troubleshoot if necessary.

      Tappytoon did indeed change, and it looks like Tappytoon uses the same backend as Lezhin now. I’ll try to get that one fixed too.

      1. Fallen

        Not sure if you saw it already, but the Lezhin intergration seems to be working fine for the most part. Except that there is a small issue with it.

        I have sent you an email about this.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Thanks for letting me know and including the log file! It’s my fault; I had the wrong URL in the update metadata. The prompt should disappear the next time you update.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Thanks a lot for including the log file! The VK support module was outdated, but I just uploaded a fix. A full program update is required for this one, but it should be fine after you update HDoujin Downloader.

      Let me know if you have any other problems!

          1. Non

            hey there, sorry if I’m being a hassle

            the “photos” link is grabbed correctly and the number of pages are correct. but it start to download duplicate usually starting around from 40+ photos

            and also the order of the photos downloaded are not correct (when using %PAGE% in naming, there are some photos that got wrong number. like reading a manga but with wrong page order)

          2. DoujinDownloader Post author

            No worries dude, I appreciate the feedback. I was able to reproduce the issue you’re describing– Sorry about that! I uploaded another fix, so it should be resolved now. The images are sorted the same way they would appear in their respective albums (upload order).

            Hopefully there are no other problems!

          3. Non

            Just want to say thanks. Everything works prefectly now, no bug or error or whatsoever. Thanks for the help!

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