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HDoujin Downloader is a doujin/manga download manager that supports hundreds of different websites. Just input doujin/manga URLs from your favorite website and they will be added to the queue!


  • Can run as a standalone executable (portable, no installation)
  • Can retrieve and save any information about a doujin/manga (author/artist/description information by default)
  • Track chapters and get notified when new chapters are posted
  • Parallel downloads, import/export download queues, download from URL list
  • Automatically convert downloaded doujins/manga to .ZIP/.CBZ/.RAR/.CBR/.PDF
  • Clipboard Monitor feature watches the clipboard for doujin/manga URLs and adds them to the download queue automatically
  • Supports the use of proxies
  • Multiple, customizable UI languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, +More)
  • Tag-based organization features, powerful folder/page naming system
  • Free to use (free version has download limit)




Download from Google Drive:
Download from Dropbox:
Download from Dropbox

If you only want the bare-bones executable, you can download it here.

If you run into any problems, get in touch or leave a comment. You can also leave a post in the Q&A forum to get help from other users. All feedback is welcome! Please include example URLs where applicable.

3,056 thoughts on “Get HDoujin Downloader

  1. Yuki Suoh

    hi, saw website can open..but i try to copy the link of manga and paste to hdoujin, nothing is come out..but if you suggest to set up the rule as domain and map to (correct me if im wrong), i already set that long time ago.. please help me

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Try removing the rule and see if that helps; since Release 280, the new domain is accepted properly without it. If you happened to accidentally map the domain in the wrong direction, it might be changing the new one to the old one. I also recommend checking out this help page. If that doesn’t help, send me a log file and I’ll look into it (the help page I linked will explain how that works).

  2. lily


    when i tried downloading from, and when it appeared it didnt download any images at all.
    For, it always failed when i tried download perchapter

    please help,thanks a lot!

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Mangahasu seems to be working fine from my end, but if you send me some example URLs that aren’t working right for you I’ll check it out. I recommend taking a look at this help page, too.

      As for Rocaca, I was able to reproduce the issue– Looks like it’s not accepting some individual chapter URLs. This will be fixed in the next update.

  3. LP

    It seems when adding new manga from mangadex, the app would only download the first page of chapters from the site, which means only 99 most recent chapters. Clicking on Choose Chapters doesn’t show the ealier ones either. Could you look into this?

  4. Jules

    Is there any chance you could add It’s a Korean site so I’ll understand if it’s a problem, but it should be pretty similar to Lezhin..
    Thanks a lot! This downloader is a lifesaver <3 <3 <3

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      No problem, Korean sites are welcome! I took a look at it, and it seems absolutely doable– I’ll try to have the site supported in one of the next updates.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Thanks for letting me know! This will definitely be accounted for in this weekend’s update. In the meantime, this is possible to fix without waiting by following the instructions here.

  5. Melanie Tanaka

    I’d like ot request separate “default download status” for adding a new manga (via the address bar), and from when an already bookmarked manga is detected.

    My issue is when I add a new manga, I have to set the default status to queued, so I have the chance to go edit the settings (correct the title if needed, set the download folder…) before it starts downloading. However, this means if I forget about it (every time 😛 ) all my bookmarked manga stay queued until I ask myself what’s going on and go check on it.

    So having the option to set bookmarks to default separately from manually added manga would be a great convenience.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      I see your point! It would definitely be useful to have them separate. Honestly, I had to double-check that there wasn’t already a setting for it because I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a thing yet.

      I’ll try to add a setting for this in one of the upcoming releases.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      The site is actually already supported! (So are all other sites that use the same FoOlSlide template.)

      I tested it just to make sure, and it’s working from my end as of Release 283. If you try it out and run into any problems, let me know!

      1. CMMR2

        Yep it works, thanks. I like how you’re really active regarding feedbacks. Would consider buying.


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