Copying Cookies into HDoujin Downloader

Some websites require special verification cookies to be set before you can view their content. Sometimes, it’s not possible for HDoujin Downloader to retrieve these cookies automatically (i.e.: if a captcha is required). However, you can still manually copy these cookies into HDoujin’s Cookie Editor.

How you access your web browser’s cookies varies from browser to browser, so you’ll have to consult Google for this step. But once you’ve managed to view your cookies, copying them over to HDoujin is trivial. Of course, make sure that they’ve been set properly before you copy them over. If you have to solve a captcha, for example, solve it before copying your session cookies over.

Once you’ve managed to find the cookies you need, go to ‘Settings > Downloads > Edit Cookies’. In the “Domain” field, add the URL for the website the cookie applies to (most of the time, you’ll just want to put in the URL of the homepage). In the “Name” field, paste the name of the cookie, and in the “Content” field, paste the value of the cookie.

You should now have something like this:

All that’s left to do is to click “Add New Cookie”, and HDoujin will send the supplied cookies with all future requests to the website.

You might notice that there is a “Persistent” check box. By default, all cookies are lost when you close the program. If you would like the cookie to be saved to your configuration file, mark it as “Persistent”. Be careful about doing this, however! Some cookies expire, and the server receiving them may no longer consider them valid after a certain period of time.