Domain Management

The Domain Management tool allows you to specify rules that affect how HDoujin Downloader handles URLs from certain domains. It can be accessed under “Tools > Domain Management”. To add a new rule, click the “Add Rule” button on the bottom right of the window.

  • Adding New Sites

By default, HDoujin Downloader will try to handle all URLs given to it (this can be disabled under “File > Options > Sites”). For sites that use common supported content management systems or templates, this can be very useful. If this setting is disabled, you can still tell the program to accept unsupported URLs on a per-domain basis. To do this, create a new rule with the new domain, and click “OK”. The program will now attempt to handle URLs from that website where possible.

  • Mapping Supported Domains to New Domains

If you come across a website that uses the same content management system as a currently supported site, you can map URLs from that site to the supported site’s support module. This can be an easy way to add support for new websites without any hassle. To do this, enter the domain of the new website into the “Domain” field. Then, enter the domain of the site that uses the same content management system into the “Mapped to” field. URLs from the given domain will now be treated as if they came from the domain they are mapped to.

This can also be a quick fix when sites that are currently supported change from one domain to another– Instead of waiting for an update, you can simply map the old domain to the new one.

  • Blacklisting Domains

If accepting URLs from unsupported sites is enabled, you may want to prevent HDoujin Downloader from attempting to handle URLs from certain websites (e.g., ones that you know for certain are not supported). To do this, click the “Blacklisted” checkbox when creating a new rule. From thereon out, URLs from that domain will be ignored.