FAQ: What VPN do you recommend?

Some users require the use of VPN or proxies to get around ISP blocks and firewalls preventing them from accessing certain websites. If you normally need a VPN or proxy to access a certain website using your browser, you’ll need to do the same with HDoujin Downloader.

  • How do I use a VPN?

You might already be using a VPN in the form of a browser extension or separate application. If you are using a browser extension, you’ll need to install a separate VPN application to use with HDoujin Downloader, because it does not send requests through your browser (and thus cannot make use of your extensions).

Users often ask which VPN they should be using with HDoujin Downloader. Any VPN will work, provided that it masks traffic coming from all applications on your computer, not just your web browser. Some VPNs are configured by default to only mask your web browser traffic (e.g., Psiphon), while others will work with HDoujin Downloader “out of the box” (e.g., Hotspot Shield*).

In the latter case, all you need to do is install the VPN software and connect to the network through the application. No configuration is required in HDoujin Downloader itself.

  • How do I use a proxy?

HDoujin Downloader works with HTTP proxies (SOCKS proxies are currently unsupported) which can be specified under “Settings > Proxy”.

You can easily find free proxies** by searching “proxy port” in your favorite search engine, which will return websites with lists of proxy servers by IP and port number. If they required a username/password, these can also be entered into HDoujin Downloader (otherwise, just leave these fields blank).

Once you’ve entered the proxy information, click “Apply”. The program will then use that proxy server for future requests.


* If you’re concerned about privacy, take the time to learn about the policies of the VPNs you are thinking about using. Some free VPNs, such as Hotspot Shield, have displayed controversial practices such as injecting ads into the pages you visit while the VPN is active.

** Free proxies are often very unreliable, and in most cases a VPN is a much more reliable choice. If the proxy server you’re using stops responding, it can prevent the program from working properly.