FAQ: Why are some conversion options greyed out?

Some conversion options rely on additional dependencies that may not be included by default. To make these conversion options available, follow the steps below.

  • PDF

If you downloaded HDoujin Downloader as a .zip archive (as opposed to the standalone executable), the “itextsharp.dll” library will have been included by default. This file will be located in the same directory as HDoujin Downloader. If the .pdf conversion option is unavailable, this means that the file is not present.

To fix this, download the .zip archive version of HDoujin Downloader (available from the download links on the homepage) and extract it into your current HDoujin Downloader folder. If it is running, restart the program, and .pdf conversion will become available.

  • RAR, 7Z

The .rar (.cbr) and .7z formats require WinRAR and 7-Zip, respectively, to be installed. HDoujin Downloader will try to detect them automatically, but if they are not found, their conversion options will be unavailable.

To fix this, first install the required application for the format you wish to use if it is not already installed. Restart HDoujin Downloader, and assuming you installed the program to the default path, it should be detected.

If it is not detected automatically, then go to “File > Options” in HDoujin Downloader, and click the “Directories” tab. There you can specify the path to the required application. After selecting the correct path, the conversion option should be enabled right away. If not, restart HDoujin Downloader.