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Search by Series

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 3:17 pm
by Lakzenn
Hi, I recently bought the full version and was trying the Database program (maybe this post is a duplicate, a few days ago I left a message under the database page but I don't see it). My situation is this: I have all the past items I downloaded in the list in the main program, but I never bothered creating the metadata files and I never checked the option "Add properties to tag".
I did some experiments and if I create manually the metadata files (Save Information -> Genrate info.txt Files) the Database is able to import the tags; the only problem is that the Database only read the format "Hdoujin Info File V1 (.txt)" (from what I understand it can also read and import the tags from the V2 format but it doesn't import the labels about the Series and Characters), so I can't import automatically the infos regarding the Series and I am unable to search the doujinshi I have by series. If I check the option "Add properties to tag", I can have the series/characters info in the V1 format but only for the new items I add.
Is there is a way to add the series info to the old downloads automatically and import them to the Database?
Thank you for your patience and sorry if I wasn't clear.