MangaRock Dropped the ball for everyone...

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MangaRock Dropped the ball for everyone...

Post by StormJumper » Wed Feb 12, 2020 1:51 am

I myself now find I am moving on from MangaRock it was good while it was because not all the manga were translated for us to read. I know they one the site talk about supporting the manga animators but what they missed was not all manga are translated for everyone to read. This is what they clearly missed and most by now have move from them. Sure it pays to support them but they way they went about it was clearly wrong and a disappointment for readers whom can't just read Japanese if the manga aren't translated bye fansubs. I highly doubt they took that into account what they took into account was that they would be issued a "Cease and Decease" order not how does it benefit both parties. So as of now I say my goodbye and hopefully your future prospect learns to listen to both sides not just the side with the biggest Lawyers whom don't know that not all manga are translated nor do we have access to all of them should we not read/speak Japanese to read those manga.

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Re: MangaRock Dropped the ball for everyone...

Post by ABtheOtaku » Tue Feb 25, 2020 6:19 am

While I think everyone would agree with your point sadly the law does not. It is still copyright infringement if they upload fan translations of manga and let everyone read it for free even if those manga don't have official english translations. Legal action was threatened and MangaRock got called out hard and that is why they had to go down not because they really wanted to become legal (not at this very moment at least) but because they would be sued for quite a lot. MangaRock served us well and I only hope they can improve the situation of manga globally by getting those fan translations recognised and letting them get paid to do official translation work, that would be ideal.

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