isn't working for me anymore

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Post by Q.Cumber » Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:31 pm

At first, it all worked fine about a week ago, there wasn't even the captcha thing I'm getting now.

So I got the captcha verification required error, that's fine, I looked into how to solve it. Maybe it's a problem to do with being logged in? But I need to be logged into to see the session Id cookie.

So, even after updating HDoujin Downloader and adding in the exact cookie for the session Id, it still pops up with the captcha error, I reset the download and everything.

If it helps, there was a popup on my taskbar on the HDoujin Downloader program that said something like is blocking your download and something about DOS, I didn't catch it before it faded away. After I logged in, I was able to add them to my downloads again (I wasn't before that) but they still refused to download.

Can anyone provide some insight? Help would be appreciated.

Edit: I got the error again before retrying and it worked, it said something like DDOS protection from Cloudfare? It downloaded for a bit but then got the captcha error again, to no avail. There's no even an ASP session Id, just the cdfuid one.

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