Package Converted Chapters by Set Amount?

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Package Converted Chapters by Set Amount?

Post by jerryatric » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:31 am

First off, Id like to say that I've been using this software for some time now, and absolutely love it. Thanks to the creator for the time, attention to detail, and love put into it. Absolutely phenomenal.

My question pertains to chapter conversion and what options are available for it. For a while my method of packaging has been to use the 'Add from list' function to add each chapter of a manga individually, then combine the CBZ files generated afterward by 10's (This is situational, I generally stick to 200 pages per file) in a separate software.

I started adding collections by inputting the URL for the entire series vs an individual URL per chapter. This saves a lot of time, and allows the use of some websites that use unique URLs for chapters, but the issue I'm running into is in conversion. If conversion is enabled in settings, the software converts the entire series into a CBZ instead of individual chapters for later packaging.

Is there a way to change this, or set the software to package chapters by 10's or a specific number? This would be especially useful when adding an entire series. I'm not certain if I'm missing something in the settings to do this.



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