Moving folders from one PC to another

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Moving folders from one PC to another

Post by OyashioKancolle » Sat Apr 11, 2020 1:35 pm


I emailed Squidy about this but he didn't give a reply so I came him to ask for help. So I recently changed PCs and tried bring my files over. The only issue is that it doesn't recognise that my old files that it has already been downloaded, so it confuses me that while I already got the file completed, I won't be able to tell which one has already been read (Since I move the files to a different location), or haven't read yet. Can someone please explain what to do?

Thank you!

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Re: Moving folders from one PC to another

Post by LeslieH1 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 4:17 am

I cannot tell you what you should or should not do, as I am not completely certain what your procedure is.

So, if I understand what you are doing, you simply copied the HDoujin Downloader folder to your new computer, and it's not working as you expected?

If anything, it sounds like you're working from an old bookmarks or backup file.

Are your folders in the same place? Example: my HDoujin Downloader folder is E:\HDoujin Downloader\, my temp downloader folder is D:\HDDownloader Temp\, my storage folders are F:\Unread Chapters, F:\Active Manga, and F:\Completed Manga, and that is the case for all computers I use HDD on.

If I am installing HDD onto a new computer, I export the backup (not just bookmarks) for my home computer copy, and import the backup to my new computer.

However, this is MY daily procedure, as I download using different computers depending on whether I am at home or away:
1a) If the computer I am about to download using was used *the last time*, I simply check for new chapters.
1b) If the computer I am about to download using was NOT used the last time I downloaded chapters, I import the most current bookmark file that I keep on an external drive (which is also where I store my downloaded chapters regardless, once they are downloaded - I do NOT download to the external, as then I would likely lose track of which chapters I have not read), then I check for new chapters.
2) I select all new chapters, then right-click, select Save information -> generate info.txt Files to keep the information up to date.
3) I *EXPORT BOOKMARKS* to the external drive (I actually keep four - the most current, the day before that, the day before that, then the day before that, and save over the oldest one - this guarantees that, at worst, I lose only as much as one day if one gets corrupted, and I can go back four days if I have to). I also keep one on my main computer, which is usually no more than a week old, but if I use that, there will be tears, as my external will have died, and I will lose the will to live in addition to all my manga and anime. lol
4) Then I *move* NEW manga/manhua/manhwa that I added to the Bookmarks that were downloaded (once read, of course) to the external drive.
5) I search for folder.jpg for the *non-new* mangas/etc in my explorer drive, then I delete them (I only want the thumbnail from the first chapter I downloaded.
6) I move the non-new mangas/etc to the external drive, and let Windows overwrite my old info.txt files.

If I do this, there is almost never a situation where HDD loses track of what was downloaded.

Does that help? If not, could you elaborate?

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Re: Moving folders from one PC to another

Post by Squidy » Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:00 am


Sorry about that! I get a lot of emails, and occasionally some fly under the radar when I'm having trouble keeping up.

So my understanding of the situation is that you've moved your HDoujin Downloader instance to a new PC, and while the queue items are labeled "Completed", you're not able to open the folders, and as a result cannot determine what you've already moved or what's still in your download directory.

I'm not sure what your download directory looked like before moving everything to a new PC, but the most obvious suggestion is that your download directory isn't at the same path it used to be, so HDoujin Downloader can't find the files (e.g. If you stored your downloads on an external drive, perhaps it was assigned a different drive letter when you connected it to your new PC).

You can check what the download directory is set to under "Settings > Save to > General". If it's pointing to the wrong folder on your new PC, change it to the new directory. Then select all the items you have in your download queue, right-click, and select "Edit Information". Set the "Download Directory" field to the correct directory, and click OK to apply it. The folders should open correctly after that.

If that doesn't help, or I misunderstood your problem, let me know!
I'm the admin and developer of HDoujin Downloader.

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