nHentai Webpage ID Serial For Pages Filename

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nHentai Webpage ID Serial For Pages Filename

Post by emotions » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:54 am


When using the downloader for nHentai, I got all the contents identified by the webpage ID string + page number.

But after extracting and activating, they all became the doujin's title which looks cluttered.

How do I make it so it downloads the content with the file name matching the nhentai ID string? like in the photo

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Re: nHentai Webpage ID Serial For Pages Filename

Post by Squidy » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:47 am

I'm assuming that the gallery ID was used in the filenames due to a bug that was fixed recently where gallery titles were being replaced by the gallery ID. Once your client download the patched module, it went back to normal behavior.

If you want to use the gallery ID again, go to "Settings > Downloads > General". You'll see a "Pages" setting, where the formatting string is defaulted to %TITLE%_%PAGE%. You can change it to %ID%_%PAGE% to get filenames like in your screenshot.

Edit: I just realized I made a mistake! The %ID% token corresponds to the numeric ID of the page in this context, not the ID of the gallery. I've added a new token for the next update, %GID%, that will always correspond to the gallery ID in all contexts. The next update will be available very shortly.
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