Port HDoujin Downloader to QNAP/other NAS systems

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Port HDoujin Downloader to QNAP/other NAS systems

Post by eskela » Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:38 pm

Hi All,
I'm new HDoujin Downloader user and I love it. I'm also a big fan of putting everything related to downloads on my QNAP NAS. The app works perfectly on Windows, but it has it's limitations.

I know that HDoujin could work via Wine, but I don't need Wine on QNAP at all right now, because I have every download-related app set up on qnap apps.
  • I have sonarr, radarr, lidarr for tv shows/anime, movies and music respectively.
  • Usenet indexers are powered via nzbhydra
  • Some anime is coming in directly via nzbhydra search or rss on r-torrent.
There are other utility tools for backups, exports, renaming, scheduling and push notifications, that my manga could benefit from too, even without any extra effort from HDoujin Downloader, because actions can be done on the back of file changes in the folder.

My vision of Q-HDoujin Downloader might be out of sync with actual functionalities right now, because I'm newb... My vision of a perfect qnap HDoujin Downloader...:

1. Scheduling, notifications about new chapters.
More observed/watched manga would mean better usercase to even need the full version of the app. Similar to Sonarr, you add a title and it just does all of the work for you, you don't need to care if there's one week break during your fav tv show. This would be particularly useful for scanlations, as they are irregular by nature.
2. Remote access.
This one is big for me. I use my phone and tablet a lot for content consumption. It happens that I'm waiting somewhere, or stuck in bus during rush hour, so I'll remotely download movie on my qnap, and then transcode it in right quality and fetch on my phone in like 5 mins.
3. The ability to view (read) manga remotely via your own qnap/HDoujin website, or at least fetch the file that's already saved on qnap.
Because syncing all of the data you have between e-reader, phone, tablet, work laptop and gaming PC is a pain. An absolute bonus - if I read via web version of HDoujin it could save my progress, allowing me to pick up where I left of on other device. Ohhh.
4. Multi-user set up.
I have a flatmate who has limited access to my qnap kingdom. He has some manga he'd like to download himself. I'm not comfortable showing him my fujoshi stash. ;) Plus, downloading stuff should be kept separate between users, same like browser profiles, underwear and toothbrushes.

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Re: Port HDoujin Downloader to QNAP/other NAS systems

Post by Kussie » Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:19 am

One way you could get around this is to setup a shared folder on your QNAP and have HDoujin download to that directory over the network, which is what i do.

But HDoujin is pretty much dedicated as a downloader and not so much focus as a reader. There is a multitude of manga reader apps out there that will let you read remotely.

I use one called YacReader, it catalogs my HDoujin folder and adds them to a library, the library runs as a system process on my windows machine (No QNAP app sadly) and i use the Reader app on my PCs and on my iPhone and iPad to read remotely, which is good because it syncs my progress as well.

Calibre is another app that will let you share them remotely, but not many manga dedicated apps have support for that built into it, however most ereader apps will still work fine with manga.

Ubooquity is another similar one that can work for that.

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