Attempt to fix paths longer than 255 characters bug

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Attempt to fix paths longer than 255 characters bug

Post by =DD= » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:55 pm

Hi Squidy,

I attempted to download this manga from tsumino but the program ran into a character length error when attempting to create the directory.
(Error Folder could not be created; verify download directory is valid)

I believe it's due to the length of the manga title in conjunction with where the downloads folder is nested. Since I have checked the folder is writable, and has enough space to accommodate this particular download.
I have the setting "Attempt to fix paths longer than 255 characters" enabled.

This particular manga has quite a lengthy title, but it's only an exception. 99% of the time the "attempt to fix paths" setting solves long directory names. I'm sure the download would work if I temporarily moved the download to something like "G:/", but I would like the program to automatically strip out and cut it down enough so it works in the nested directory I provided.

I have output of the log file below:

Code: Select all

Version: Release 308
Framework: 4.0.30319.42000
Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
TLS 1.1+ Supported: True
Date: 08/01/2019 12:29:27
Locale: en-GB
Path: G:\Unsorted Stuff\HDoujin Downloader\HDoujin Downloader.exe

Affected URL:
Attempted to create folder: G:\Watched Threads\H-Manga\[Jairou  Xil] Something Unusual About This Film (4)\Nanika Ayashi Eizou Kenkyuu-bu Scene00 Noa-san no ny_bu-shiki  Something Unusual About This Film Studies Club - Scene00 Noa-san's Welcome Party  __________ Scene00 ________
 Error: System.IO.PathTooLongException: The specified path, file name, or both are too long. The fully qualified file name must be less than 260 characters, and the directory name must be less than 248 characters.
   at System.IO.Directory.InternalCreateDirectory(String fullPath, String path, Object dirSecurityObj, Boolean checkHost)
   at System.IO.Directory.InternalCreateDirectoryHelper(String path, Boolean checkHost)
   at ‭​‎‎‬‏‫‎‭‌‫‬‫‎‌‮‫‌‍‮‏‫‭‌‪‬​‍‪‮‮.‏​‪‬‎‎‮‭‏‮‍‍‪‫​‍‪‬‭‏‎‏‫‏‬​‭‮(‬‏‪‪‬‍‍‏‌‭‬‌‬‏‏‫​‭​‎‍‮ , String , ‬‌‎‬‭‫‍‬‪‬‌​‬​‌‍‏‪​‎‪‫‬‬‌‮ )

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