509: Bandwith Exceeded Bugged

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509: Bandwith Exceeded Bugged

Post by pplicker118 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:56 pm

I can provide logs of this issue if necessary. Version (Release 10) I just enabled diagnostics, but I'm not sure how to dump the log.

Anyway. My issue is, I do have a paid license. I'm working with Sad Panda, I had my image limit maxed last night. I just let the software run all night for at least six hours. It appears that after the 120 minute timer, it will attempt to resume the download, but will automatically fail after about 120 seconds at most. I checked my image limit on the e-hentai user area. I was at about 300 out of 5K. So I just reset it. Let it run for another 2 hours. Auto failed again. Reset the computer, let it try again. Auto fail. Force download does work as intended. The weird part is that anything that didn't get stuck in this 509 error loop queues and downloads as expected. And force download does also work on these downloads.

Oh! Now it's not even generating logs???

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Re: 509: Bandwith Exceeded Bugged

Post by StormJumper » Thu Jul 02, 2020 1:03 am

You problem sounds like your ISP or Internet provider caused and not something the software caused. This is not a a HDD problem. Just search online and you will see it's not related to HDD software.

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