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Set Status To Completed

Post by EmperorWSA » Thu Mar 28, 2019 1:57 am

First, Thanks for an AWESOME program. I don't think people say this enough.

I have a problem with random PC crashes/Reboots, and I tend to leave Hdoujin up all the time in the background. After I get my system back up, and load HDoujin back up, the download status seems to be restored to the last time I started the program. Or at least to where it last added something to download list. I'm sure I probably have a setting wrong, but it will always try to redownload EVERYTHING that was marked queued, even if it had been downloaded already. I tend to leave my system on 24/7, so I can go quite a while in between restarting the program. I can double click the download that is marked queued, and it will go to it in file explorer with no issues, so it is downloaded. I have been going in and marking the download status to stopped so it doesn't try and restart all of those downloads again (which is a problem with sites that limit page views).

Would it be possible to add "Completed" to the manual download status change? I think this is the easiest option. I guess another option would be to have it update the download status file on every completion.


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Re: Set Status To Completed

Post by zang227 » Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:54 am

+1 for this feature

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Re: Set Status To Completed

Post by LeslieH1 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 4:40 am

This is one reason that I automatically export the bookmarks once I do a chapter check/download. I have had Windows reboot (or crash, let's be honest), and HDD finds the last bunch of already downloaded files all over again, possibly for a long, long time. My solution was that when I use the program, save the bookmarks (example: I have one for April 12th, one for April 11th, one for April 10th, and one for April 9th. Tomorrow, I will check, and will overwrite the bookmark file for April 9th with the one for April 13th. I no longer lose my place that way, and it is no real hardship.

An automatic bookmark save would also be great, or a small file that simply gets written at the end of the download to the HDD program folder with some information that the program can use to avoid losing the program's place that is sort of a backup for whatever HDD does when it shuts down.


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