Hitomi Bug : Tag %ORIG% doesn't work

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Hitomi Bug : Tag %ORIG% doesn't work

Post by ben527 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 7:35 pm

I was using the tag %ORIG% for file name for a long time
With the new release, it doesn't work and file are named with random name like "de3987c382624e814b58990921bfab428a3353bdffd1fe3557e2e58337e6d99b.jpg" instead of the name that appear when I do "save as" on my browser

I could use another format but then I will have many duplicate with my previous download


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Re: Hitomi Bug : Tag %ORIG% doesn't work

Post by Squidy » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:48 am

This isn't necessarily a bug; it's how the %ORIG% token is supposed to work: It uses the original filename as provided by the website you're downloading from. Hitomi changed how its images are organized, and image names are now based on a hash rather than simply being numeric.

That said, this only applies to "original" images-- WEBP images still have the numeric filenames (which is probably what you're seeing in your web browser), but HDoujin Downloader does not (currently) acknowledge these. I plan to add a setting for it in a future update.

Depending on your reasons for using this token, you could use one of the %PAGE% tokens to get the same result as you would've before.
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