Manga Database (Beta)

Manga Database is a manga organization program that optionally comes with the full version of HDoujin Downloader.

– Store information on huge manga collections (features 29 parameters, including artist, author, translator, description, date, etc)
– Import manga information generated by HDoujin Downloader
– Automatically grab manga information from URL
– Sort manga into collections based on any parameter (e.g.: favorites, unread, H, etc)
– Scans folders automatically for manga to add to the library
– Mark manga as chapters of another manga to keep the database clean of any stray chapters

– Windows OS
– .NET Framework 4.0+


If you’re using the full version of HDoujin Downloader, click “Help > Check for Updates > Download Now”.

53 thoughts on “Manga Database (Beta)

  1. Rain

    Looking to use this to import a doujin collection I downloaded outside of HDoujin Downloader but unfortunately, I can’t seem to download a copy through the Check for Updates function. I’ve tried running as admin and moving the directory around my PC but it continues to fail.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      This is a known issue that requires me to upload a fix fpr the updater (which is used to download Kuroneko Reader/Manga Database), but there is a workaround. Check out the discussion of the issue here, and follow the steps at the bottom.


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