Module repositories

Module repositories are sources from which HDoujin Downloader loads and synchronizes site modules (the code that provides download support for each website).

By default, there will be two repositories: “Internal”, which lists modules compiled into the program, and “Official Lua Repository”, which lists modules synced from the Official Lua Repository.

Syncing modules in this way allows for a convenient way to deliver site updates without having to update the program itself. By default, modules are synced on each startup, and can be synced manually under Tools > Module Browser.

Adding new module repositories

You can add your own module repositories by clicking the “plus” icon at the top left of the module browser window (accessible from Tools > Module Browser). A dialog box will appear, where you can enter the URL of the repository and give it a name.

If we were to add the Official Lua Repository, it would look like this:

After clicking OK, the repository will be added at the bottom of the list and begin synchronizing automatically.

Newly-added repositories are given lowest priority (bottom of the list). To make sure that modules from the new repository take priority over modules from other repositories, it can be moved by selecting the repository and clicking the “up arrow” on the top left of the module browser window until it’s at the top of the list.