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Sometimes I make other small tools that perform functions that don’t quite fit with HDoujin Downloader and warrant the creation of a separate application. They’re provided here to download in case anyone else finds them useful.

HathdlBatch: If you need to download a bunch of .hathdl files from g.e-hentai.org, this program can help you do it. Just specify a starting page (search terms can be used), and the program will proceed to download the .hathdl files from all of the galleries it comes across.

8 thoughts on “Other Tools

  1. Dale Richards

    Hey, I seem to be having a problem with the hathdl application. I’ve setup the page url, number of pages and output directory but upon pressing start the download just instantly stops. Could either be because of the site being updated to prevent the application from working or I have chose settings that just don’t work.

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      You’re right, it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. It’s been a really long time since it’s been updated, so that’s not surprising.

      Unfortunately, it’s been so long that I seem to have misplaced the source code… It didn’t take long to make, so I may just rewrite it when I have the time for it.

        1. DoujinDownloader Post author

          Thanks! If only Google Translate was as useful as you are.

          Well, in case someone wants an answer to this question: The files on this page (currently only HathdlBatch) are just executables, so there’s nothing you need to do aside from running them.


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