Paying With Skrill

Skrill is a service for making international online payments. For users unable to use PayPal, it may be a viable alternative. Follow the instructions below to purchase a license through Skrill. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

1.) Go to the global money transfer page. The page can be accessed here.

2.) Enter the payment amount. Enter an amount in USD according to the type of license you would like to purchase. You can find the current prices on the payments page. After you have entered the amount, click “Get Started”.

3.) Fill out the recipient information. Send the payment to the name “Squidy Esplo” and the HDoujin Downloader support email address, which can be found on the “About” tab of the program. After entering the information, click “Continue”.

4.) Follow through with the rest of the process.

After successfully sending the payment, as with other payment methods, you will receive your license details within 12 hours. Your license details will be sent to the email address associated with your Skrill account. If you would like to specify a different email address, include it with the message sent along with the payment.