Supported Sites

The following is an incomplete list of the sites that HDoujin Downloader is able to download manga from. Many sites not listed here work by default, so don’t be afraid to try if you’re not sure! Popular gallery and art sites (Pixiv, FurAffinity, Imgur, 4Chan, etc.) are also supported.

If you have any problems or find that your favorite site doesn’t work with HDoujin Downloader, make a request!

Non-H (SFW):
17kk, 3asq, aacomic, abandonkittenscans, acqq, academyvn, acelemanga, adultmanga, al-manga, alphapolis, animagoldd, animea, animeai, animextremist, anymanga, authrone, batoto, bezdalfamily, blogtruyen, box-manga, mangahost, bzland, casanovascans, centraldemangas, championscans, chuixue, chuiyao, ck101, naver, comicextra, comicmad, comicmaya, crazymanga, curse-hell, dangniao, deliciousmanga, demonicscans, dm5, dynastyscans, eatmanga, ecchimanga, egscans, epikmanga, eyeonmanga, fascans, fastmangu, fumanhua, funmanga, gameofscanlation, gaosubs, gmanga, gomanga, gomymanga, goodmanga, gravitytales, guromanga, hellocomic, hentaifoundry, heymanga, holylolikingdom, hyassin, ikomik, ikanman, imgchili, isharemanga, iutryentranh, japanshin, japanread, japscan, kingsmanga, kissmanga, komikfox, komikid, komikstation, komiku, kosmik, kukudm, kuman, kumanga, leomanga, lermangas, lezhin, lhtranslation, lonemanga, mabuns, manga-ar, manga-joy, manga-lib, manga-tr, mangavadisi, manga ae, manga anitir, madokami, manga24h, mangabackup, mangabase, mangabb, mangabom, mangabox, mangacanblog, mangacankomik, mangacap, mangacat, mangachan, mangachapter, mangachrome, mangacode, mangacool, mangacow, mangacrazt, mangadenizi, mangadoom, mangadoor, mangaeden, mangaf, mangafever, mangafox, mangaframe, mangafreak, mangago, mangahead, mangahere, mangahome, mangahop, mangaice, mangaid, mangaindo, mangainn, mangakaka, mangakakalot, mangaken, mangakoi, mangaku, mangalator, mangalife, mangamint, mangaonline, mangapanda, mangapark, mangapoi, mangapt, mangareader, mangarussia, mangas br, mangasaurus, mangascouts, mangaseeonline, mangashare, mangashiro, mangashoujo, mangaproject, mangastream, mangatank, mangathai, mangatown, mangatraders, mangaturk, mangavadisi, mangawell, mangayes, manhua-tr, dmzj, marumaru, mentalmanga, mh160, minitoon, mintmanga, mangacow, mtoscans, mymanga, mymangaonline, narutobase, nekopost, neumanga, ngomik, niceoppai, ninemanga, nipponanime, ntruyen, on-manga, openmanga, oremanga, otakumole, otscans, overworld scans, kakao, pecintakomik, pixiv, puzzmos, rawmangaupdate, yagami, readcomiconline, readcomics, shoujosense, readmanga eu, readmanga me, readmangatoday, readpanda, redhawkscans, remanba, s2smanga, sekaimanga, selfmanga, senmanga, serimanga, slideshare, spinybackmanga, spottoon, spoup, submanga, sunday-webry, taadd, tapas, tenmanga, thai-manga, thespectrum, tomanga, truyentranh8, truyentranhonline, truyentranhtuan, tuku, tumangaonline, tumblr, tusmangas, twcomic, umbalamanga, unionmangas, unixmanga, uptruyen, vechai, view-comic, vnsharng, daum, webtoongarden, webtoons, webtoontr, wiemanga, yomanga, yuncomics, zangsisi, zingbox

1piecehentai, 2hentai, 2th, 4chan, 69ani, 8muses, aerisdies, allhentai, animefootfetish, animehentaimangas, animetor, animephile, aryion, asmhentai, atsuifeet, baidu, baixarhentai, bamtoki, bangcartoons, baramangaonline, bbotoon, bobx, brasilhentai, clickhentai, codegeassxxx, colorhentaimangas, comicsfromhell, comicsporno, comicspornogratis, comixhere, deliciousdoujinshi, dochentai, doujin2, doujin-th, doujindaily, doujinland, doujinlife, doujinloverandgiver, doujinmode, doujinpage, doujinreader, doujinroom, doujins, doujinshentai, doujinshi rocks, doujinshihentai, doujinx, e-hentai, ecchitail, ero-senin, erolord, eromanga-sokuhou,, exhentai, fapdu, ff10hentai, ff12hentai, ff7hentai, finalxxxfantasy, furaffinity, futahentai, futanarispash, g6hentai, gs-uploader, gurrenhentai, h-manga moe, hakihome, hbrowse, hcomicbook, hdarkzone, hellven, hentai-ddl, hentai-free, hentai-id, hentai-ita, hentai-manga, hentai cafe, hentai ms, hentai pink, hental tl, hental2read, hentai4me, hentai4doujin, hentai4manga, hentai4u, hentai666, hentaibeast, hentaibox fr, hentaibox, hentaibunny, hentaibusty, hentaichan, hentaicloud, hentaicorner, hentaifamed, hentaifield, hentaifox, hentaifr, hentaifromhell, hentaigamech, hentaigratuit, hentaihere, hentaihouse, hentaihousext, hentaihunt, hentaii XXX, hentaijuggs, hentailx, hentailxers, hentaimanga biz, hentaimangaonline, hentaimangaz, hentainesia, hentaiporns, hentairead, henairing, hentairules, hentaischool, hentaisd, hentaistack, hentaivn, hentype, hgamecg, hhhhhh, high-hentai, hime-doujins, hipercool, hitomi, hmangasearcher, hotdhentai, ihentaimanga, imagefap, imgur, incesthentai, junkuchan, kimi-h, komikhentai, lolhentai, lookmanga, lovehentaimanga, luscious, ohentai, mahenku, manga12, mangaboxes, mangafap, mangakawaiifeet, manganude, mangaray, mangaseries, mangawindow, mapussy, massivehentai, maturemangas, megahentaicomics, milkyhentai, minihentai, muchodoujins, muchohentai, multporn, mydoujins, myhentaicomics, myreadingmanga, narutohentaigalleries, nhentai, nude-moon, nxt-comics, ohtori, omorashi, overwatchhentaidb, palcomix, pbx wwoec, personahentai, perveden, pinaya center, plentyofhentai, pomfpomf, porncomics, porncmix, pornocomics, pornsource, pornxxxcomics, primehentai, proxer, pururin, r34comics, readhentaidoujinshi, readhentaimanga, readincesthentai, readmangahentai, revistasequadrinhos, ryuutama, sextgem, shentai, simply-hentai, sinnergate, smdc-translations, sohentai, submanga, sukahentai, svscomics, sweetyaoiparadise, thedoujin, thehentaiworld, tmohentai, truyen18, tsumino, underworld-scans, fapworks, vanillahentai, ver-manga, vercomicsporno, vesquare, watchhentaistream, world-hentai, xcartx, xcomics4you, xxcomics, xxxyuna, yaoichan, yaoifox, yaoihavenreborn, yuri-ism, yurimanga, zizki, zkomik

Note: This software/website (“HDoujin Downloader”, and “”, respectively) is not affiliated with any of the websites listed, or responsible for any of the content hosted upon them. This list is for informational purposes only.

311 thoughts on “Supported Sites

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      The site is actually already supported, but it looks like they broke the support module with their last site update. I just uploaded a fix, so it should be working again the next time you sync your modules (which occurs automatically at each restart).

      If you have any other problems, let me know!

  1. Sebastian Emmanuel Jimenez Hernández

    Hello, I wish, to acquire a second license for hdoujindownloader but I have not received an answer for months, by the way there are several sites that fail, but excuse me young man, I know that it is rude of me to ask about the program in the first place, when we should also worry about its health, are you okay? I really hope you are well and something bad has not happened to you, please I will be waiting for your answer, thanks and greetings from Mexico.

    websites not working

  2. Sebastián Emmanuel Jiménez Hernández

    The following websites previously worked correctly, now it does not allow downloading and only error warnings appear:

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Hey! Yes it does– I tested it out just now to make sure it’s still working, and it seems to still be working from my end. If you have any problems with it, let me know!

  3. Medivh

    Thank you soooooo much for this, great software!!!
    Works just fine too…
    PS: I would like to ask if you could add to the ‘supported sites’ list. If it isn’t too much of a hassle of course.
    Thanks again! Really appreciate it!

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      Not a hassle at all, don’t worry about it! The site has now been added. It should be working the next time you sync your modules (which occurs automatically at each restart).

      Let me know if you have any problems!


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