Supported Sites

The following is an incomplete list of the sites that HDoujin Downloader is able to download manga from. Many sites not listed here work by default, so don’t be afraid to try if you’re not sure! Popular gallery and art sites (Pixiv, FurAffinity, Imgur, 4Chan, etc.) are also supported.

If you have any problems or find that your favorite site doesn’t work with HDoujin Downloader, make a request!

Non-H (SFW):
17kk, 3asq, aacomic, abandonkittenscans, acqq, academyvn, acelemanga, adultmanga, al-manga, alphapolis, animagoldd, animea, animeai, animextremist, anymanga, authrone, batoto, bezdalfamily, blogtruyen, box-manga, mangahost, bzland, casanovascans, centraldemangas, championscans, chuixue, chuiyao, ck101, naver, comicextra, comicmad, comicmaya, crazymanga, curse-hell, dangniao, deliciousmanga, demonicscans, dm5, dynastyscans, eatmanga, ecchimanga, egscans, epikmanga, eyeonmanga, fascans, fastmangu, fumanhua, funmanga, gameofscanlation, gaosubs, gmanga, gomanga, gomymanga, goodmanga, gravitytales, guromanga, hellocomic, hentaifoundry, heymanga, holylolikingdom, hyassin, ikomik, ikanman, imgchili, isharemanga, iutryentranh, japanshin, japanread, japscan, kingsmanga, kissmanga, komikfox, komikid, komikstation, komiku, kosmik, kukudm, kuman, kumanga, leomanga, lermangas, lezhin, lhtranslation, lonemanga, mabuns, manga-ar, manga-joy, manga-lib, manga-tr, mangavadisi, manga ae, manga anitir, madokami, manga24h, mangabackup, mangabase, mangabb, mangabom, mangabox, mangacanblog, mangacankomik, mangacap, mangacat, mangachan, mangachapter, mangachrome, mangacode, mangacool, mangacow, mangacrazt, mangadenizi, mangadoom, mangadoor, mangaeden, mangaf, mangafever, mangafox, mangaframe, mangafreak, mangago, mangahead, mangahere, mangahome, mangahop, mangaice, mangaid, mangaindo, mangainn, mangakaka, mangakakalot, mangaken, mangakoi, mangaku, mangalator, mangalife, mangamint, mangaonline, mangapanda, mangapark, mangapoi, mangapt, mangareader, mangarussia, mangas br, mangasaurus, mangascouts, mangaseeonline, mangashare, mangashiro, mangashoujo, mangaproject, mangastream, mangatank, mangathai, mangatown, mangatraders, mangaturk, mangavadisi, mangawell, mangayes, manhua-tr, dmzj, marumaru, mentalmanga, mh160, minitoon, mintmanga, mangacow, mtoscans, mymanga, mymangaonline, narutobase, nekopost, neumanga, ngomik, niceoppai, ninemanga, nipponanime, ntruyen, on-manga, openmanga, oremanga, otakumole, otscans, overworld scans, kakao, pecintakomik, pixiv, puzzmos, rawmangaupdate, yagami, readcomiconline, readcomics, shoujosense, readmanga eu, readmanga me, readmangatoday, readpanda, redhawkscans, remanba, s2smanga, sekaimanga, selfmanga, senmanga, serimanga, slideshare, spinybackmanga, spottoon, spoup, submanga, sunday-webry, taadd, tapas, tenmanga, thai-manga, thespectrum, tomanga, truyentranh8, truyentranhonline, truyentranhtuan, tuku, tumangaonline, tumblr, tusmangas, twcomic, umbalamanga, unionmangas, unixmanga, uptruyen, vechai, view-comic, vnsharng, daum, webtoongarden, webtoons, webtoontr, wiemanga, yomanga, yuncomics, zangsisi, zingbox

1piecehentai, 2hentai, 2th, 4chan, 69ani, 8muses, aerisdies, allhentai, animefootfetish, animehentaimangas, animetor, animephile, aryion, asmhentai, atsuifeet, baidu, baixarhentai, bamtoki, bangcartoons, baramangaonline, bbotoon, bobx, brasilhentai, clickhentai, codegeassxxx, colorhentaimangas, comicsfromhell, comicsporno, comicspornogratis, comixhere, deliciousdoujinshi, dochentai, doujin2, doujin-th, doujindaily, doujinland, doujinlife, doujinloverandgiver, doujinmode, doujinpage, doujinreader, doujinroom, doujins, doujinshentai, doujinshi rocks, doujinshihentai, doujinx, e-hentai, ecchitail, ero-senin, erolord, eromanga-sokuhou,, exhentai, fapdu, ff10hentai, ff12hentai, ff7hentai, finalxxxfantasy, furaffinity, futahentai, futanarispash, g6hentai, gs-uploader, gurrenhentai, h-manga moe, hakihome, hbrowse, hcomicbook, hdarkzone, hellven, hentai-ddl, hentai-free, hentai-id, hentai-ita, hentai-manga, hentai cafe, hentai ms, hentai pink, hental tl, hental2read, hentai4me, hentai4doujin, hentai4manga, hentai4u, hentai666, hentaibeast, hentaibox fr, hentaibox, hentaibunny, hentaibusty, hentaichan, hentaicloud, hentaicorner, hentaifamed, hentaifield, hentaifox, hentaifr, hentaifromhell, hentaigamech, hentaigratuit, hentaihere, hentaihouse, hentaihousext, hentaihunt, hentaii XXX, hentaijuggs, hentailx, hentailxers, hentaimanga biz, hentaimangaonline, hentaimangaz, hentainesia, hentaiporns, hentairead, henairing, hentairules, hentaischool, hentaisd, hentaistack, hentaivn, hentype, hgamecg, hhhhhh, high-hentai, hime-doujins, hipercool, hitomi, hmangasearcher, hotdhentai, ihentaimanga, imagefap, imgur, incesthentai, junkuchan, kimi-h, komikhentai, lolhentai, lookmanga, lovehentaimanga, luscious, ohentai, mahenku, manga12, mangaboxes, mangafap, mangakawaiifeet, manganude, mangaray, mangaseries, mangawindow, mapussy, massivehentai, maturemangas, megahentaicomics, milkyhentai, minihentai, muchodoujins, muchohentai, multporn, mydoujins, myhentaicomics, myreadingmanga, narutohentaigalleries, nhentai, nude-moon, nxt-comics, ohtori, omorashi, overwatchhentaidb, palcomix, pbx wwoec, personahentai, perveden, pinaya center, plentyofhentai, pomfpomf, porncomics, porncmix, pornocomics, pornsource, pornxxxcomics, primehentai, proxer, pururin, r34comics, readhentaidoujinshi, readhentaimanga, readincesthentai, readmangahentai, revistasequadrinhos, ryuutama, sextgem, shentai, simply-hentai, sinnergate, smdc-translations, sohentai, submanga, sukahentai, svscomics, sweetyaoiparadise, thedoujin, thehentaiworld, tmohentai, truyen18, tsumino, underworld-scans, fapworks, vanillahentai, ver-manga, vercomicsporno, vesquare, watchhentaistream, world-hentai, xcartx, xcomics4you, xxcomics, xxxyuna, yaoichan, yaoifox, yaoihavenreborn, yuri-ism, yurimanga, zizki, zkomik

Note: This software/website (“HDoujin Downloader”, and “”, respectively) is not affiliated with any of the websites listed, or responsible for any of the content hosted upon them. This list is for informational purposes only.

254 thoughts on “Supported Sites

    1. DoujinDownloader Post author

      The support module for the first site you mentioned was outdated, but you can expect it to be working again with Release 305!

      As for the second site, it’s actually already supported! If you’re having problems getting it to work, send me an example URL and I’ll check it out.

  1. José Miguel

    How are you. I have a problem. When trying to download from it says that some chapters failed. for what is this?

        1. DoujinDownloader Post author

          The login is working from my end using Release 304. That said, I made some changes for Release 305 that should hopefully get it working for you. Let me know how it goes!

          On a side note, I noticed that it accepts multiple login options– Note that the only login option currently supported is your account with the site itself. If you’d like one of the alternative login methods supported, let me know and I can see what I can do about that.

  2. c1b3r3y3

    Ok… i purchased this long ago and i never let any comment so here i am. I have to say… this is the BEST purchase i’ve ever done. Dude, this is awesome!. So many sites and works like a charm. Totally recommended :D!


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