Using HDoujin on Linux

This page is a work in progress! If you want to contribute or request or a tutorial for a specific distribution, get in touch.

It is possible to run HDoujin Downloader on Linux and macOS through Wine.


The following was tested under Ubuntu 16.04 with Wine 1.6.

1.) Start by installing winetricks. Winetricks is a helper script used to install .NET Framework 4.0, which is required to run HDoujin Downloader. If you do not already have Wine, it will also be insalled alongside winetricks.

sudo apt install winetricks

2.) Install .NET Framework 4.0 through winetricks.

winetricks dotnet40

If you see an error message stating “[t]his package does not work on a 64-bit installation”, you need to set up a 32-bit Wine prefix.

3.) Run HDoujin Downloader. At this point, you should now be able to run HDoujin Downloader successfully:

wine "HDoujin Downloader.exe"

If you are instead faced with an error message (e.g., “Unknown heap type: #Schema”), make sure that you’re using a 32-bit Wine prefix.